Civil Litigation, Real Estate Law, & More

Protect yourself in today's litigious business climate with real estate and general civil litigation services from Wollman Law. Neighbor disputes, contract and trademark conflicts, unfair business practices and workforce disagreements are some of the matters John Wollman is intimately familiar with.

Real Estate Litigation

Let Wollman Law help with easements, neighbor disputes, quiet title actions to get property back, fraud, and various claims. John Wollman will save you money while solving your problem.

Trademark Litigation

Companies use trademarks for their products. John Wollman takes on trademark cases in state and federal court. He's familiar with cybersquatting, where someone might register a well-known domain name only to try to sell it for profit. He is also ready to handle ICANN arbitrations and litigation on your behalf.

Business Litigation

Business litigation services provided by Wollman Law focus on breach of contract and partner disputes, shareholder actions, and fraud. Choose someone who will go toe to toe with other lawyers. Your business needs Wollman Law to work for you. John Wollman focuses on assisting small to medium-sized companies.

General Civil Litigation

Wollman Law handles breach of contract, consumer complaints, non-business and most civil disputes. Whether he's in the courtroom or around the negotiating table, John Wollman will work hard for you.